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CS gas has long since been replaced by pepper sprays in all US police authorities and in many European countries, as they are many times more effective and effective than any form of CS gas. A few weeks ago, the Bavarian police also switched from CS gas to pepper spray, as it is also less harmful to health.

Regardless of whether the active substance gets into the eyes, is inhaled or comes into contact with the skin, the effect is very painful for any attacker and puts them out of action for a long time.

Electroshocks or paralyzers and knives are pure melee weapons, ie you have to let the attacker get close to you in order to use these weapons effectively. Our pepper spray, on the other hand, has a range of more than 3 meters thanks to its concentrated ballistic jet, whereby the ejection is almost explosive and completely covers the attacker's face.

No! There are no known health side effects. Pepper spray is a natural active ingredient that has been food and pharmacologically tested in the USA. In Switzerland, the BodyGuard pepper spray is the best-selling pepper spray and has been tested by the Federal Office of Public Health BAG and approved for sale from the age of 18!

The can is 9 cm high and fits in every trouser or jacket pocket. With this size, the spray can also be carried completely unobtrusively in the hand. The filling quantity of 40ml is sufficient for several concentrated charges. The trouser or jacket pocket is the ideal storage place for the spray in suspicious areas. In a purse, it's less useful in an emergency.!

Für den Versand innerhalb der Schweiz (und dem Fürstentum Liechtenstein) fallen Versandgebühren von CHF 9.- an. Ab einem Bestellwert von CHF 49.- ist der Versand kostenlos. Versand A+ inklusive Tracking.

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