Instructions for use

Instructions for use of the BodyGuard pepper spray

The Bodyguard Defense Spray is a high pressure broad fog ("FOG BLAST") spray. It was specially designed to combat one or more attackers. At a distance of up to 4 meters, its width effect is 0.5 - 1.5 meters.

areas of application

  • Assaults, threats to life and limb
  • Fighting, coercion, persecution
  • sexual assault
  • aggressive dogs and wild animals

The BodyGuard Pepper Spray is very easy and safe to use. It is not intended for professionals, but for private individuals who need to defend themselves quickly and safely - without lengthy instructions - in times of need (and therefore under stress). The very strong broad-beam impact also works outdoors in wind and weather at 3 - 4 m. The fine aerosols make the attacker or attackers - even through masks - within 1-2 seconds completely incapable of acting for 15 to 20 minutes. It does NOT require an aimed hit on the face or other body parts. It is sufficient to radiate the BodyGuard in the direction of the opponent for approx. 1 second with an outstretched arm. The BodyGuard pepper spray can be squeezed 4 times each for about 1 second and thus protects against multiple attackers.

In rare exceptional cases (e.g. if the attacker is very strongly built or heavily intoxicated or acting under drugs) simply shoot a second dose. That's definitely enough.

Handling : In possible danger zones, take the bodyguard in your hand while wearing the jacket or trousers, so that the four fingers of your hand enclose it and your thumb is on the push button. (The spray head is shaped so that the thumb automatically aligns the spray head opening forward). When receiving the Bodyguard, try to grab the spray 2-3 times "Blind" in the bag like this. That gives you security

In an application situation, aim at the center of the object (chest for humans). Then press the spray head vigorously with your thumb for about 1 second. A short jet of just under 1 second is sufficient in most cases. As a result, you can pull the trigger on the bodyguard 4 to 5 times.

We recommend replacing the BodyGuard after use because the spray head is no longer secured after the first use and gas can escape unintentionally, for example in your handbag if something presses against it.

For applications in closed rooms or vehicles, the windows and doors must be opened and the vehicle brought to a standstill. It is not advisable to remain in the contaminated room or vehicle during ventilation as there may still be residual active ingredients in the interior.


Clean sprayed skin with running cold water. Do not use warm or hot water and do not rub or scrub, otherwise you will massage the substance further into the skin. We also recommend rinsing your eyes under cold running water or, if necessary, having them examined by a doctor or hospital.