Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp
Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp
Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp
Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp
Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp

Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp

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Suprabeam S4 rechargeable headlamp

The S4 is a smart headlight that combines ease of use with fantastic design. With two intuitive control buttons you can switch between the two LEDs or even use both at the same time. This opens up different beam patterns and a unique user experience.

750 lumens and up to 18 hours of operating time. The S4 rechargeable features the dual energy concept, meaning it is also compatible with our rechargeable Li-Po batteries. The rechargeable batteries are available as accessories.


The helmet clip is an accessory for the S series headlamps. This allows you to mount the headlamp securely on your helmet using the mounting slot on many safety helmets.


The S4rechargeable has two different optics. One lens creates a wide floodlight that illuminates a large area with an even light. The second optical lens is a combination light beam lens with a 20° point light and a 60° floodlight.


The S4 was developed with the Suprabeam DUAL ENERGY concept, which allows you to use the headlamp with 3xAAA alkaline batteries or the Suprabeam 1400mAh Li-Po battery with internal USB-C charging. This means you can choose between alkaline batteries or the strong and environmentally friendly battery.

Dual optics

Floodlight, spot light and mix

The S4 rechargeable was equipped with two separate optical lenses. The right lens provides a 60° wide floodlight and the left lens has a 20° spot beam with 60° diffused light. The floodlight offers you a very wide beam, allowing you to orientate yourself in a wider environment. The other lens focuses the light into a point beam, allowing you to see up to 85 meters in front of you.

The two lenses can be used separately or combined, giving you a versatile lighting tool suitable for a wide range of jobs. The floodlight is perfect for nearby tasks and inspection work. It opens up a wide field of vision so you can work almost as if you were in daylight. Point light, on the other hand, is perfect when you need to locate objects at greater distances or orient yourself further ahead.

Both lenses have 3 light levels, so you can easily adjust the light to your specific requirements.

Dual energy concept

Innovative and flexible battery system

The S4 rechargeable is equipped with the brand new Suprabeam dual energy concept. This makes it compatible with both rechargeable Li-Po batteries and normal AAA alkaline batteries. This flexible system gives you the environmental benefits of Li-Po batteries while still allowing you to use commonly available alkaline batteries.

With the dual energy concept, the S4 rechargeable is extremely versatile and offers you the opportunity to upgrade your S4 rechargeable to a rechargeable headlamp by purchasing the separately available rechargeable Li-Po batteries. You can also simply swap the batteries for AAA alkaline batteries if you run out of juice or forget to charge the Li-Po batteries.

This functionality makes the S4 rechargeable perfect for professional use when the headlamp is used by several employees, as it is always functional, even if you forget to charge the batteries.

High-quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies

The well-known Suprabeam quality

The plastic parts of the S4 are made of plastics with different compositions for maximum strength and durability. The headlamp is therefore not only suitable for harsh environments, but is also more durable.

The S4 rechargeable has a sturdy aluminum heatsink that dissipates the heat generated by the LEDs, allowing the headlight to operate at the highest level for even longer.

It has extremely efficient light control technology that not only offers consistently high lumen output, but also long run times. Long operating times were an important parameter in the design of the S4 rechargeable, as professional users require a headlamp that can be used for a full working day. With the technology of the S4 rechargeable, we achieved 30% longer runtimes than with standard headlights.

Waterproof - tested to 2 meters

The S4 rechargeable is IP68 compliant

All headlights in the S series are fully sealed, making them waterproof to a depth of 2 meters. This means that the headlights can be worn in any weather without you having to worry. This is also very convenient if you use the headlamp on a daily basis, as you will never have to remove it or remove it from the safety helmet, even if it is raining heavily. This way you always have professional lighting when you need it.

IP (International Protection) protection class
The first number stands for the protection class against foreign bodies (e.g. dust) and the second number stands for the protection against water ingress. The first digit “6” for the S4 means that it is protected from dust. And the second digit “8” indicates that the product is protected from full, continuous immersion in water.

Switch and light control

Switch between the tabs to read more

The two-button system of the S4 rechargeable allows extremely easy and precise control. The control buttons are made of sturdy silicone with an additional non-slip surface, so that the S4 rechargeable can be easily operated even with gloves or wet hands. The control buttons are located on the right side of the headlamp and are easy to use when carrying the lamp. The top button turns the headlight on and off and switches between light modes, and the bottom button controls the light intensity.

Top switch: Stray light – Max, Medium, Low
Bottom Switch: Focus Light – Max, Medium, Low

Versatile use

The S4 offers a wide variety of possible uses

The S4 rechargeable can be used in many different ways. In addition to using it with the included headband, you can also get a specially designed helmet holder for the S model series as an accessory. The helmet mount allows you to safely use your S4 rechargeable with a safety helmet by simply inserting it into the mounting groove found on most safety helmets. The clip can also be used to attach the headlamp to the pockets of your work clothing. If your safety helmet does not have a fastening groove on the front, the S4 rechargeable can of course also be attached to the helmet with our silicone headband.

Equipping your safety helmet with a headlamp offers several benefits, even when working on a partially lit construction site or building. There are always areas that the projectors or work lights cannot reach. In such areas, the ideal solution is to avoid sources of danger with a mounted headlight.

In addition, the headlight from the S model series can also be ideally used as a small work lamp due to its shape. Thanks to the shape, you can place the S4 rechargeable in many different positions so that you can perfectly illuminate the desired work area.


LED: 2 CREE power chips
Case material: Hi-tech plastic
Housing color: Black house with gray transparent front cover
Switch: Two silicones switches
Headband: Adjustable to 50-70cm
Weight including battery: 136g
IP protection class: Waterproof IP68
Temperature: -20°C to +35°C
Control electronics: Yes, 3-stage control via buttons
Power source: Li-Po 1400 mAh (5.18 Wh) 3.7 V, USB direct charging. 1 piece.
Loading time: 100% = 2h 35min | 80% = 1h 40min
Light range: 100 meters
Light output levels: Max 750 LM / Medium 250 LM / Low 75 LM
Burning time: Max 5h 30min / Medium 8h / Low 18h
Packaging: Recyclable cardboard packaging
Part No.: 604.5011

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