Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh
Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh

Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh

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Suprabeam B6r bicycle lamp 36Wh

The future of cycling has never been brighter.

The Suprabeam B6r is a next-generation bike light designed with the knowledge and experience of over two decades of innovative portable lighting for the professional sector. Every angle of the B6r has been carefully studied to create a bike light that not only pushes the boundaries of what is possible, but is also aesthetically pleasing.

With 4200 lumens, the B6r cuts through the darkness like a knife and you can ride the fastest trails as if it were day. Place the Powerpack bag around the frame and screw in the lamp head, take a deep breath and prepare for the trail ahead, click on the pedals and off you go.


Powerful cooling system for maximum output power. The solid aluminum housing with innovative cooling fins absorbs the heat from the LEDs and releases it into the air. The protective cover around the housing forces a constant flow of cold air through the cooling fins, effectively dissipating heat from the light.


No more feeling in the dark - a switch system designed for safety. Accidentally turning off your bike light while riding at speed at night is the worst case scenario. By separating the on/off switch and the light level switch, we have completely eliminated this risk.


The industrial-strength bayonet connector system ensures an ultra-strong connection that will never let you down, no matter how hard you ride. When the cables are connected, the locking mechanism automatically locks into place, creating a tight connection that is securely protected from water and dirt.

RAM air cooling

High performance cooling system

An innovative cooling system for high-performance headlights that is also a striking design feature. At high light outputs, LEDs generate a lot of heat, and it is important to dissipate this heat so that they can continue to provide high light output. The B6r's solid aluminum housing effectively absorbs heat and dissipates it via the cooling fins. The protective cover around the lamp ensures a constant air flow through the cooling fins, which dissipates heat efficiently.


A switch system that puts safety first.

Never feel in the dark again – a switch system that puts safety first.

Accidentally turning off your bike light while riding fast at night is the worst case scenario. By separating the on/off switch and the light level control, we have completely eliminated this risk. The light is turned on with the on/off switch, and the light intensity is adjusted by flipping the toggle switch up or down.


Quick release bracket

The mounting solutions for both the lamp head and the power pack are as simple as possible and suitable for all types of bikes - without covering your bike with plastic mounts.

The elegant aluminum quick release mount fits perfectly on the handlebars next to the stem and places the B6r exactly in the middle of the handlebars. Installing the lamp head is extremely easy: simply insert it into the quick release holder, turn it and it clicks into place.

Assembling the power pack

Fits all bikes!

The power pack is attached to the frame using the included power pack bag. Simply place the power pack in the bag, wrap the lid around the frame and tighten the straps. The inside of the bag lid has non-slip silicone strips and is closed with a very large and strong Velcro fastener.

If you ever leave your bike unattended in front of a café, you can remove the lamp head and the power pack in a matter of seconds and everything fits into the power pack bag.

Cable and connector system

Industrial quality

The B6r's cable and bayonet connector system comes from our industrial heritage, a power system that will never let you down no matter how hard you ride.

The power pack and the lamp head are connected with a thick cable that delivers the high output of 4200 lumens. The cables are extra insulated to ensure robustness and remain flexible even under high temperature fluctuations.

With the bayonet connector you get a super simple and very robust connection that can withstand the elements. When you push the connectors together, the locking mechanism clicks into place, creating a secure watertight seal.

Power packs

Choose the battery size that suits your needs

The Suprabeam B6r comes with either a 36Wh or 72Wh power pack. The Li-ion power source is enclosed in a solid aluminum housing that protects the battery inside and underlines the high quality of the materials used for this bicycle lamp.

The running time of your B6r depends on which power pack you choose.

Running time 36 Wh = from 1h 15min to 11h 30min
Running time 72 Wh = from 2h 30min to 23h

Lens design

Optically designed for maximum performance

When navigating dark paths, it is just as important to have a powerful spotlight illuminating the path far ahead as it is to have a wide floodlight beam that allows a clear view to the sides.

The B6r's two lenses have been carefully designed to create a unique beam pattern with a very far-reaching spot and a really wide floodlight, giving you optimal conditions for a fast ride through the dark. The unique thing about the light distribution is the transition between flood and high beam, which is almost imperceptible and does not distract the driver.


LED: 2 CREE power chips
Case material: High-strength aluminum and hi-tech plastic composite
Housing color: Black
Switch: 1 ON/OFF switch and 1 toggle switch
Size: Light head: 39x58x58, Powerpack 36Wh: 30x50x92, Powerpack 72Wh: 30x50x164
Weight: Light head: 167g, Powerpack 36Wh: 313g, Powerpack 72Wh: 560g
Assembly: 31.8 / 35 mm aluminum quick release / Universal frame mounting with power pack bag
IP protection class: Waterproof and dustproof IP65
Temperature range: -20°C to +50°C
Charging temperature: 0°C to +45°C
Integrated control electronics: Yes, 5-stage control with toggle switch
Power source: Power pack 36Wh: 5000mAh 7.2V | Power pack 72Wh: 10000mAh 7.2V
Loading time: Powerpack 36Wh: 80%=2hrs, 100%=4hrs | Powerpack 72Wh: 80%=3hrs 30min, 100%=6hrs
Light range: 230 meters
Light output levels: Level 5: 4200 lm / Level 4: 3000 lm / Level 3: 2000 lm / Level 2: 1000 lm / Level 1: 500 lm
Burning time 36Wh power pack: Level 5: 1 hour 15 minutes / Level 4: 1 hour 30 minutes / Level 3: 2 hours 15 minutes / Level 2: 5 hours 30 minutes / Level 1: 11 hours 30 minutes
Burning time 72Wh power pack: Level 5: 2 hrs 30 min / Level 4: 3 hrs / Level 3: 4 hrs 30 min / Level 2: 11 hrs / Level 1: 23 hrs
Accesories: Bag with Velcro fastener, handlebar mount (31.8/35 mm), Li-ion battery charger - 230 V, rubber handlebar fittings
Packaging: Portable box

Delivery and shipping costs: We deliver throughout Switzerland. Shipping flat rate CHF 9.- Free shipping from CHF 49.-.

Shipping time within Switzerland 1-3 working days.

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